The Test Begins.... NOWOWOWOWOWowowow...(Fade out)

Here's news for you... I just quadrippled my productivity by investigating Multicam Editing, thanks to James Albert Hawkins-Gaar for the heads up. And thanks Ken Stone for the tutorial. Oh, by the way, see figure 1.0...

Nice font, film school. Are you as boring as you look on the scoreboard? Thought so. This image will be on the cover page of my resume, btw.

Anyway, I've been editing the footage from the dance production "You Wont Let Those Robots Eat Me" (dir. Holly Mann) which I plan to have a full movie of by...I'm gonna say the New Year, and we'll be able to judge how good my judging skills are after that. Judgejdgge.
I'm also looking at film festivals for Loaded Guns: The Movie for next year! Here comes the money!! AAAnd the DVD should...nay, WILL be ready by mid January. Money x2, Check and mate!

Also on the list: Christian Comic Chaos, Shake-N-Bake (reheated), Pterodactyls, Choose Your Adventure (kinda), Clocky, various dogs and cats that need glorifying, and the Caspar-Morris wedding. I'm gonna call it here, all those to be done by the middle of February.

Today I learned that an insanely huge flatscreen HDTV 1080p is only like TWO thousand dollars! I thought for certain it'd be 3.5 but I was wrong! And that was at Best Buy, which is saying something, because we all know the truth about Best Buy (see figure 1.1)

So that really bumps it up a notch on the list of things I can't afford but I'm gonna find a way to buy anyway. 

Hey, like video games/contraptions/physics and wanna waste some serious time? A near step up from Fantastic Contraption, it's Incredibots

Time for bed, but coming soon-- New Years Resolutions (1080p!), The Problem with February, and LOST Season 5 - Can We Get ONE Uninterrupted Season in Please?


  1. I don't get it. Is Best Buy a supporter or victim of the Ku Klux Klan? Be clearer. Christ.

  2. Look, I don't ask them what their beliefs are, I just take the pictures. You want answers? Shop at Radio Shack. I hear they've "got them"

  3. Wonderful to hear about the editing!

    And thanks for showing me incredibots!

  4. I want big ass flat screen tv so bad i would run people over for it

  5. My cousins bought one for their dad at Brandsmart for real real cheap. I'm sure you'd have to deal with some guy rapid-fire screaming prices at your face but it would probably be worth it in the long run.